County Matters

Cycled over to Ashton on Mersey for a spot of canvassing in one of our targeted wards. Getting to know Ashton on Mersey a bit better these days. I have a long relationship with the town without regularly visiting it. As a kid I looked out over a playing field at the side of the […]

Media Praise for Altrincham (and mine for Partington)

You may have seen media praise for Altrincham’s regeneration recently, such as this article in the online local government journal Local Gov. It’s a worthwhile read. In many ways the Partington transformation has been even more impressive despite its much smaller size. Altrincham has benefited from a focus on the assets within the town centre […]

Mad as Hell

In which Cabinet member after Cabinet member came in front of scrutiny and made me as mad as hell!

Agonising over Stretford’s Canalside Loss

Arguing that Stretford’s canalside should be at the centre of the regeneration plans for Stretford rather than an unconvincing add on at the end

UA92 Consultation 2nd November 2017

First chance to listen to different perspectives on the proposed changes to Stretford. I’m in a minority on my table.

Should we care about insects?

Am I the only person to think that a 75% reduction in flying insects since the 1980s might be the scariest thing? And then you start wondering whether we’ll ever see Daddy Long-Legs again?