Poisonous to say; but I thought Tony Blair was pretty good on 'Marr' this morning.

Flixton Fields Council Meeting – Don’t let them tell you it’s about houses

On 21st December, Trafford Labour’s Council Meeting we’d called to oppose fields in Flixton being designated for development. It was a vital meeting. The submission by Trafford of these fields at Flixton for inclusion within the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework has not been adequately explained. Residents are outraged that something so intrinsically part of Flixton […]

Councillor’s Diary – Week Commencing 12th December

Monday Last of the exam support sessions I'd volunteered for. Thoroughly rewarding. Meeting in the afternoon on an Over 50s Worklessness Pilot we're scoping for Gorse Hill. It's a Greater Manchester initiative and we've been chosen for Trafford. I'd be hugely interested in hearing resident's experiences of jobseeking, returning to employment or access to training […]

Councillor’s Diary – Week Commencing 5th December

Monday Start day at Lostock College being a ‘reader’ for a pupil on a maths paper. Surprisingly intense, you’re so keen that you don’t confuse or get in the way. Emotionally rewarding though, very much rooting for the pupil. Tea-time meeting with Trafford officers looking at the shaping of Trafford in the next few years. […]

Councillor’s Diary – Week Commencing 13th November

Monday 13th November Update Meeting on Stretford Public Realm What can I say? I don’t want to lose the subways, I use them. I do want the speed limit reduced in Stretford, so that’s something, but I’m more than underwhelmed. It still feels like an 8-2 win for the car driver. Perhaps it’s the best […]

Councillor’s Diary – Week Commencing 7th November

Monday 7th November Labour Group Meeting – Anti Social Behaviour Report Then quite a long meeting preparing for the budget. Tuesday 8th November Listened to Kwame Anthony Appiah’s lecture on Radio 4, or to be really honest, the radio was on in the background, while I did some work; that’s how it started anyway. Every […]