Should we care about insects?

Am I the only person to think that a 75% reduction in flying insects since the 1980s might be the scariest thing? And then you start wondering whether we’ll ever see Daddy Long-Legs again?

Understanding University Academy 92 – The Campus

Gary Neville’s University plans at core of a revised Stretford Masterplan What are the plans, what are the risks? The University itself Big launch, lots of photo-opportunities, noisy videos, but what do we really know of the plans? ..and what is the UA92 vision actually about? Universities have traditionally placed academic learning at the core […]

Everything is Fine at Trafford Council!

Things are getting really bad in Trafford! The honest assessment as I see it is that Trafford is almost at breaking point. You've seen the figures that show delayed discharges from hospital put Trafford in the bottom two of the league table for the whole country. Those are real figures, not some tame consultancy's award. […]

Trafford Council Budget Meeting

Trafford Council’s Budget Meeting 2016 The most important council meeting of the year. It’s by far the most unpleasant meeting of the year too. I don’t need a reminder that we in Labour failed to convince voters we should gain control in Trafford last year, but fail we did; and this, the consequence, a Tory […]

A Question of Morality

Saturday night radio, I listened to BBC’s Moral Maze on the subject of taxation, a topic triggered by David Cameron’s recent assertion that he had a moral duty to cut taxes. Does morality come into it? And what about local taxes? Given that the panel included such consummate right wingers as Melanie Phillips and Portillo, […]