Labour Councillors for Gorse Hill in Trafford, Greater Manchester

A Question of Morality

Saturday night radio, I listened to BBC’s Moral Maze on the subject of taxation, a topic triggered by David Cameron’s recent assertion that he had a moral duty to cut taxes. Does morality come into it? And what about local taxes? Given that the panel included such consummate right wingers as Melanie Phillips and Portillo, […]

Question to Council 17th September 2014

Council I asked a question regarding wheelie bin thefts by ward. Since April 2013 630 bins have been reported lost/stolen in Gorse Hill Ward 620 bins in Clifford (Old Trafford) 286 bins in Bucklow/St Martins (Partington/Ashton upon Mersey) The grand total for the 21 wards of Trafford is 2395 So Gorse Hill and Old Trafford […]

More Cuts for Trafford

Budget Meeting       Full council meets tonight to set a budget for 2014/15. Trafford will cut its spending by £4,451,000 from £159.003m to £154.552m or 2.8%. When you take cost pressures into account it's £17m… and it's going to get worse. Spending Gap