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Tesco Megastore

Tonight’s neighbourhood forum was a bit of a shock. It was arranged at short notice to discuss the cricket ground renewal. As such, residents were invited from Great Stone Road and Talbot Road nearest to the cricket ground. Gorse Hill residents from the opposite side of Chester Road will have received no notice of the […]

Public Schools – Elitist, Exclusive and Exempt

The Tory loyalists have got themselves into a lather at Conservative Home. The charity commission have had the downright cheek to threaten removing the charitable status of two public schools; St Anselm’s in Bakewell and Highfield Priory in Preston. The Preston school does not provide any bursaries; its only claim to charitable status according to the Independentbeing that […]

Trafford Park Station continued

I spotted this report on the Manchester Evening News political blog of David Ottewell , their chief politcal correspondent. Since the report suggests that the minister, Chris Mole, would like to experience the overcrowding for himself, I thought I’d get in there and make the point that it’s not just the packed trains that put people off; […]

Lostock Allocations Policy

This morning’s meeting was really well attended. It really demonstrated a commitment to making the new development a success. Trafford’s waiting list is incredibly high and it’s getting bigger so balancing those pressures to ensure a cohesive future for Lostock is the challenge. First Published 10 July 2009

Mersey Valley

I was at the AGM of the Mersey Valley today. The state of maintenance of the Trafford managed areas is a real cause for concern. One of the first things that our Tory council did was to withdraw grounds maintenance funding from the Mersey Valley warden service, saying that they could maintain the areas more […]

St Georges Day Parade

Those of us that spent any time in the cubs or scouts will well remember the emphasis placed on the St Georges Day Parade. It was the one day of the year where suddenly we’d discover other packs and somehow out of nowhere we’d find that we’d got bands, drummers and pipers.  Together we’d proudly […]