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Labour Councillors for Gorse Hill in Trafford, Greater Manchester

Conservative Councillor claims he left Trafford in great state

After applying a scorched-earth policy to Trafford's services, a leading conservative councillor has written that things were rosy when he left it.

Despite Amey PLC, despite the rise in crime and reductions in police numbers, despite the appalling maintenance of our roads and pavements etc etc, Councillor Mike Whetton thinks we're in great shape.


A thousand miles of safe cycling and walking routes are to be created in Greater Manchester after an Olympic gold medallist persuaded town hall bosses to spend as much on cyclists and pedestrians as Amsterdam and other cycling nirvanas. The network – named Beelines, in homage to Manchester’s civic symbol of the worker bee – […]

Jim Taylor, chief executive of Salford City Council, will also hold the dual role of interim chief executive of Trafford Council until the end of the year. The appointment comes after the news last week of Theresa Grant resigning as Trafford chief executive, understood to be following the change in political leadership from Conservative to […]