A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford - Gtr Manchester.

Seven Days to go

How do you think it’s going? Are you fed up with the lot us? What do your friends think? Is it going to change anything? Are you fed up with all the leaflets? Or should I ask, “Have you seen any leaflets?” I’ve only been made aware of Labour and Lib Dem printed material. Neither […]


This taints us all in Labour. I’m ashamed. I’m disgusted. It is getting worse. It is not easy. I stay and fight. Seventy serving and ex-Labour officials have given sworn statements to an official investigation into the party’s handling of anti-Semitism allegations […]

Being Agent

I’m delighted Kate Green has asked me to be her agent for the forthcoming election. It’ll be my fourth time. At least I’ll know what I’m letting myself in for. It’s a generally thankless role. You’re really there to make sure everything’s legal and accounted for and to step back into the shadows. My first […]

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