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World Class!

They’ve had months to sort. No tests available in hotspots. Dido Harding has to go. You can’t allocate jobs to […]

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GorseTalk is more personal with a focus on what I've been doing, informed by my politics.

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The Gorse Hill -Labour Team

The Labour Team is made out of the people here. It's the members, supporters and people who care about this great place we live in and fronted by our elected representatives.

Our Elected Reps

The Neighbourhoods of Gorse Hill Ward

We are one of the biggest wards. With world famous attractions, well known football teams and an industrial history of incredible significance. Our image is beamed around the world.

But it's our neighbourhoods that make us. They are distinct and important places in their own right and are what makes us the best of wards.



Lostock carries its name with pride on its parks and schools. We celebrate our history and place.

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A significant part of Stretford is ours. From Sevenways to Chester Road, we make ourselves heard.

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Gorse Hill

Gorse Hill itself, a vibrant community with two parks, the town hall and fantastic people.

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Trafford Park

The workshop of the world, it continues to have enormous significance. It is too often taken for granted and it's our job to deliver the TLC it needs to fulfill the exciting potential this magical place still has.

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