News from and about the Gorse Hill Ward and it’s surrounds.

Kate Green outlines Labour’s priorities for schools, universities and colleges

Kate Green has set out her priorities for education and argued that Labour must “develop and re-energise the role of schools, colleges and universities as hubs of their community”.

Participating at an event at Labour’s online conference ‘Connected‘ this evening, the Shadow Education Secretary discussed education both during and beyond Covid as part of a panel hosted by the Socialist Health Association.

World Class!

They’ve had months to sort. No tests available in hotspots. Dido Harding has to go. You can’t allocate jobs to your mates. Sad to say but Boris Johnson is out of his depth and it’s endangering lives.

Bikes Recovered

Two stolen bikes have been seized by local Pcso’s in Lostock today. It is believed the bikes have been causing ASB issues in the area racing about etc. They were spotted hidden in a nearby field, both ‘hot wired’ and one confirmed stolen from Wolverhampton.

GMP Police

Hampton by Hilton Hotel at Warwick Road/Chester Road refused at Appeal

The planning inspectorate dismissed the appeal against Trafford’s planning refusal on the 212 bed hotel.

The inspector cited the main issues as:

(i) the living conditions of the occupiers of adjacent residential properties, in particular on Hornby Road, by way of visual impact and outlook;

(ii) highway safety, concerning the proposed parking arrangements and the parking provision for disabled persons;

(iii) the character and appearance of the area;and,(iv) the setting of a listed building, Trafford Town Hall.

This puts an end to this particular application, one would think, although the developers can always come back with a revised application. We would hope that it would not be as tall and made more of an accommodation for Disabled customers.

New Park and Ride for Trafford Park Line

Parkway Circle is set for a new expanded Park and Ride Facility in Trafford Park. The original plans were for a smaller facility in the roundabout itself.

The killing of rabbits on the circle in preparation for the tram there brought notoriety to the scheme. Manchester Evening News Item

According to the planning application, the new scheme is needed because of changes to the layout and the requirement for better park and ride provision in connection with the Metrolink.

Nb. I’ve asked whether cycle parking is provided within the scheme.

Planning App 100805/VAR/20

Sad end to ‘Up Top’ project?

The people behind the innovative repurposing of the top floor at Stretford Mall’s multi-storey car park have thrown in the towel on their plans following delays in dealing with the planning application.

There may still be the chance of a couple of cinema events ‘up top’ but the Facebook post from Heather suggests that the chance of getting two summers worth of events from the scheme has diminished.

In the last few weeks we’ve had an entire army of volunteers offering professional skills or just an extra pair of hands and a huge number of amazing cash pledges, we’d like to thank you all individually in the next couple of days and of course all cash will be returned. And the biggest thanks to everyone else too, your massive support really kept us keep fighting tooth and nail beyond the bitter end.

Good bye amazing curiosity garden 🎪, it was certainly nice for us to all dream about you together for a bit 🎏

Up top Facebook Post