News from and about the Gorse Hill Ward and it’s surrounds.

Local Government Ombudsman Report on complaints against Trafford Council Waste Collection Service

The Ombudsman, having found fault in a number of cases, determined that they would issue a Public Interest report, covering six individual complaints. This report will be presented to the Executive on Monday 20th July.

One of the recommendations that should have a positive impact is for the council and Amey to review of its missed collection report and complaints process with a view to introducing a step where results of supervisor monitoring can be assessed or residents can talk to the supervisor about the problem and the matter given a chance to resolve.

One of the frustrations as a councillor is that there seems to have been a reluctance to learn from issues that arise and that it often only seems a matter of time before the issue repeats.

The report suggests that due to covid-19, this review has not yet been completed. Not going to dwell on that but I would like to see a greater commitment.

Full report to Executive

Impact of Covid-19 on Council Finances reported

An in-year shortfall of £17.7m is projected for Trafford as a consequence of Covid-19. This is the initial figure and could get worse if we’re hit by a second wave. The council publishes regular reports throughout the year on its finances known as out-turn reports and the first of these is to be presented to the Executive on Monday 20th July.

Covid Impacts

Children’s Services

  • Anticipated the surge in demand for children’s placements will continue, adding an extra £1.2 million to costs
  • Additional transport costs for children due to social distancing £0.8m
  • Surge in demand for children’s early stage support £0.6m
  • Income from nurseries down £0.23m

Adult Services

  • Additional £4.3m to care providers
  • Additonal client demand £1m
  • Efficiency Savings planned for the year reduced by £0.9m

Public Health

  • Most of £1m+ extra spend on Test and Trace to be covered by Government Grant but additional £33k has been incurred.

Environment – Total change from budget: £6.8m

  • Primarily loss of £5.5m of income (parking fees and fines £887k, property rentals £763k, outdoor media advertising £651k, planning fees £581k, building control fees £168k, licencing £132k, highways permits £116k, street trading £60k and pest control £38k) but additional £955k of waste disposal costs and £114k related to waste collection, £140k for rough sleepers, £50k for inclusive neighbourhoods, £35k traffic management. Within this is also the cost of supporting Trafford Leisure.

People £4.2m

  • Lost income on council services that are bought in by schools and other agencies accounts for almost all this total

Other impacts

The anticipated airport dividend of £5.5m is no longer expected but government grants of £6m have reduced the overall impact of covid-19 from £23m to £17m. The effect on council tax and business rates are still being felt and the council’s finances will be very much dependent on the extent to which Government honours it’s agreement to support councils in doing what needed to be done.

Full Report

Weed Spraying to start next week (July 6)

The annual weed spraying on the public highway across the borough is due to start on the 6th July.

The programme is anticipated to take four weeks to complete, but the application of the herbicide treatment is restricted by the weather. The effects of the weed spraying programme will normally become visible within a week.

At Trafford Council’s reconvened Executive Meeting last night, the Executive voted to continue to use Glyposate for this year. We were intending that treatment using NomixDual was to have been trialled during 2020. This is a residual approved weed spray product, however due to the impact of Covid-19 on day to day operations, the trial with the use of NomixDual for the 2020 season has unfortunately had to be put on hold.

The weed-spraying schedule begins with Clifford (Old Trafford) followed by Altrincham and Gorse Hill, so weather permitting we should see Gorse Hill begun next week.

Outline Plans for B&Q site submitted

100400/OUT/20 | The demolition of existing retail unit and associated structures; erection of buildings for a mix of use including: 333 apartments (use class C3) and communal spaces ancillary to the residential use; flexible space for use classes A1, A3, D1 and/or D2; undercroft car parking; new public realm; and associated engineering works and infrastructure | Former B&Q Site Great Stone Road Stretford M32 0YP

Link to application

More planning details for the Station Road site (under construction)

Application for the approval of reserved matters for layout, appearance and landscaping pursuant to 89551/OUT/16 for the erection of five 2 storey residential blocks to create 10 apartments, car park, open space and associated external works. | Land To The North Of Station Road Stretford

Includes the energy statement. Proposal is for communal biomass using wood pellets.

Planning application 100629/RES/20