A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford - Gtr Manchester.

First week back

The election is over. Many thanks if you voted for me. I’m overwhelmed to have got 65% of the vote in Gorse Hill Ward which is humbling given the state of politics at the moment. The priority has to be to get the services that Trafford provides back up to scratch. There can be no […]

What to do about Stretford

Stretford town centre has hit the press again. In a league table of a thousand towns it’s been placed at number 999. It’s infuriating. Stretford Arndale is fifty years old this year. It feels to have been a slow decline for decades. For a brief period when it first opened Stretford would have been top […]

Councils do it better (but don’t short change us)

Councils in England say there has been a marked improvement in public health since they took over responsibility for delivering services nearly six years ago, despite budget cuts.The Local Government Association points to a fall in the number of smokers, fewer teenage pregnancies and a decrease in the suicide rate.But it warns progress could stop […]

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