Laurence Walsh

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Laurence Walsh

0161 912 5208
Councillor Laurence Walsh Trafford Town Hall Talbot Road Stretford Manchester M32 0TH

Why did you become involved in politics?

I had been an active member of the GMB for many years and it seemed a logical step to join the Labour Party.


What are your priorities for the Ward?

I see myself first of all as a resident of the Gorse Hill Area. The daily issues of fly tipping, dog fouling etc are things which make me cross like everyone else.

I first want to make Gorse Hill a more pleasant a place to live. I help to organise the Gorse Hill Fun day at Gorse Hill Park.

Laurence town hall


I genuinely believe the conservatives policies in Trafford and Coalition Government are not working. Despite great opposition the council supported the building of much bigger Tesco Supermarket on Chester Road. We had said one similar in size to Tesco in Stretford Mall would be fine. There have been cuts to services in Trafford yet there are still out side consultants being paid to do jobs the Senior Management team (already in place within the council) should be able to do.

The council have organised consultation with the public over the spending review. We know there is a deficit and cuts need to be made but the number of people from the public who attend or contribute to the consultations is a tiny fraction of the Trafford population. The council should be engaging with more people. They say they have identified people's priorities for particular services but nothing could be further from the case.

The country needs to be working to pay off the deficit and the Health Service needs supporting not changing.

There is a better way forward and that is through the Labour Party. Come and talk and tell us what you think we do listen.

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